Nigella’s eyes peeled for West Cork Kerr’s Pinks

November 24th, 2020 5:05 PM

By Emma Connolly

NIgella can’t get enough Irish spuds.

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CELEBRITY chef Nigella Lawson will be tucking into her favourite Kerr’s Pink potatoes soon, thanks to a West Cork producer and RTE broadcaster Brendan O’Connor.

The TV chef was a guest on Brendan’s radio show last weekend and bemoaned the fact that she couldn’t get her beloved Irish spuds in London. Cork man Brendan immediately offered to send some to her, and started singing the praises of ‘a woman on the side of the road down in West Cork who does a Kerr’s Pink to die for.’

That woman is Noreen Hegarty of Ardfield who, along with husband Connie and eight children, has been selling the family’s legendary hand-harvested potatoes, and other veg, outside Clonakilty for at least a decade.

Daughter Anne Marie said their phone had been hopping since the show – although her mum hadn’t heard it as she had been too busy selling their spuds.

‘Brendan bought some potatoes from us in the summer and later wrote about it and has been back since so we assume he’ll be down again and we can arrange to get our Kerr’s Pink to Nigella,’ she said.

‘It’s really great for my parents, who both work so hard, to be name-checked by such a chef as Nigella.

‘It’s a great achievement. I don’t think they’ll have any shortage of offers from the grandkids to pick potatoes this year!’ she said.

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