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N22’s new roundabout should honour Cumann na mBan - Cllr

January 2nd, 2023 8:00 PM

By Kieran O'Mahony

N22’s new roundabout should honour Cumann na mBan - Cllr Image
Cllr Gobnait Moynihan: got unanimous support.

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A MACROOM-based councillor, who is calling for the roundabout at the start of the newly opened N22 Macroom by pass in Coolcower to be named after Cumann na mBan said these women have been ‘omitted from our history books’ and that their names are rarely mentioned.

Cllr Gobnait Moynihan (FF) raised the motion at a recent meeting of the local authority and got unanimous support from her fellow councillors.

‘We all know the women who took part in the War of Independence were forgotten. Omitted from our history books, their names rarely mentioned,’ said Cllr Moynihan. ‘It’s not like these women didn’t exist; they were there. They were active. But they just weren’t talked about or recorded in our history books. I am looking for these women to be honoured for their enormous contribution.’

The women of Cumann na mBan organised support for the volunteers during the War of Independence and carried dispatches, collected funds and gave help and support to all those engaged in physical resistance against the Crown forces. Cllr Moynihan pointed out that Macroom’s famous hooded cloak was known to be used to assist these women carry guns unnoticed under the nose of the enemy force.

‘Cumann na mBan, under constant risk to their own lives, not only housed volunteers on the run, but nursed, fed and clothed them, in some cases for months on end.

‘Drivers going around the roundabout listening to Google Maps describe it as the Cumann na mBan roundabout, this is one way to make sure these selfless, brave women aren’t forgotten.’

Director of services, Padraig Barrett said that the name would be assessed along with any other proposals, and may require a public consultation in the area.

A concern raised was Transport Infrastructure Ireland’s view on naming major infrastructure like these after individuals. However, Cllr Moynihan quashed these concerns by simply referring to the Jack Lynch Tunnel.

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