My daughter, her husband and tiny grandson are stranded in Peru

March 20th, 2020 8:10 PM

By Southern Star Team

Aisling's daughter with her grandson in hospital in Peru.

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By Aisling Meath

THE strange Dystopian reality that we are all experiencing due to the restrictions that Covid 19 has imposed on all of our activities have just become so much more acute for my daughter Caia, who is currently stranded in Peru with her husband and young family.


Her nine month old baby, my adorable little grandson Sebastian, fell ill with pneumonia and spent two days in hospital in Lima recovering.


Meanwhile, I stormed the universe and the skies over West Cork with prayers mantras and good vibes for his recovery.  My relief, when we learned that it was not the dreaded virus was beyond words.


Like everybody, my anxiety levels are currently just bubbling under the surface, and news like that just raised the dial and pushed them to maximum.


When Caia, her Peruvian husband Carlos, and their two baby sons merrily set off on their journey just over a month ago it was a different world- BC- Before Corona.


They joyfully boarded their flight from London to Paris and then on to Lima looking forward to a break in the sun and spending time with Carlos’s family there.


They were due to fly back earlier today – Friday, and the doctors signed off on the baby’s health for travelling.


Meanwhile, they got an email from Aer France saying that all flights were suspended. That was it.


My daughter tried to call. No answer. She tried to email. No answer. We rang the embassies, both Irish and British –­ and their response – just fill out the forms.


France is in lockdown. Peru closed their borders last Monday. Military patrol the streets. There is a curfew imposed between 8pm to 5am.


For now she is waiting and hoping and minding the children.


Holidays are great, but there is no place like home.





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