Local climate is going bananas down in Baltimore!

August 30th, 2023 5:00 PM

By Eimear O'Dwyer

A bunch of bananas growing in the garden of Rolf’s in Baltimore.

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BANANA trees that were planted about 30 years ago at Rolf’s Country House in Baltimore have recently produced an abundance of the tropical fruit. 

The banana trees were planted by Gertrud Haffner at the house, three decades ago, and they began to flower for the first time two years ago during Covid. 

The climate this year provided the perfect conditions for the bananas to flourish, Gertrud’s daughter Friederike explained. 

‘You could see a hint of the fruit back then,’ she said, but now ‘they look like a proper banana.’ 

Friederike, who manages the renowned accommodation and eatery, alongside her brother Johannes, believes that the combination of heat we had earlier in the season and the warm, humid, climate we are currently experiencing, is responsible for the growth of the bananas. 

‘I think what makes it phenomenal is that it’s outdoors, not in a glass house,’ she added.

The bananas are currently ripening and will need to be cooked before they can be consumed, Friederike explained. 

‘I have to do a bit of research so who knows, maybe they’ll end up on the menu, as West Cork bananas, who knows?’ 

Rolf’s Country House is set in 4.5 acres of gardens, with many mature trees and subtropical plants, including the latest, exciting addition of ‘West Cork’ bananas!

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