‘Let go of the clutter and let the clarity in' advises business coach

July 9th, 2018 10:06 AM

By Southern Star Team

At the Network Ireland West Cork June event held in Brookfield Business Centre in Dunmanway were Sarah Leather, Adrienne Harrington of Ludgate and Lynda Coyle. (Ph

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The word ‘no' is  a complete sentence, learn different ways of saying it so you can start saying yes to what really matters.  

THE word ‘no’ is  a complete sentence, learn different ways of saying it so you can start saying yes to what really matters.  

That was the message from Sarah Leather, business coach and mindset mentor at Network Ireland West Cork’s June event called ‘Developing Clarity of Voice and Thought.’

Sarah advised attendees: ‘Stop trying to “find” clarity. It will come to you once you let go of all the clutter that’s keeping it trapped under the surface. You can have everything you want in life, you don’t need to settle for the crumbs, but you have to choose to believe in yourself and start putting your needs first. Then everybody wins. Beautiful boundaries are a girl’s best friend and can be a game changer in every area of your life.’

Voice therapist Linda Coyle presented a workshop entitled, ‘Speak with impact: practical techniques to enable you to speak with confidence and clarity.’ She offered the group practical tips on how to speak with confidence and be an engaging speaker.  

‘People have rated fear of public speaking higher than death. Being connected to the body is key to successful public speaking. Our natural inclination is to push away our fear of speaking, but this doesn’t help. When we stop and get to know what fear feels like inside our body, it can really help us to speak successfully. Scary? Yes! Effective? Definitely!”

Adrienne Harrington, President of Network Ireland West Cork, told the group at the Dunmanway event: ‘This event is very relevant for our members – and every professional – as multi-tasking, juggling work and life, and public speaking are part of our everyday lives. Sarah and Linda helped us to prioritise schedules and articulate our thoughts more purposefully – be it in the boardroom or at the podium.’

Network Ireland West Cork holds networking events for members and guests in different locations on the last Wednesday of every month.  

The organisation currently has over 60 members and welcomes new members at any time. 

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