Kilgarriffe students to attend red carpet event at Clonakilty cinema

January 24th, 2022 12:07 PM

By Jackie Keogh

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Kilgarriffe National School is to host a red carpet premiere of its school play Dragon Days at the Clonakilty Park Cinema on Wednesday morning.

The budding movie stars will see themselves on the big screen for the first time ever after their school play was turned into a feature-length movie.

Rather than allow Covid restrictions ruin their chance to perform on stage, the teachers at the Kilgarriffe school on the Old Timoleague Road, near Clonakilty, decided to make a seven metre wide green screen, which they hung from the drain pipes, and  filmed the children’s performance.

With the help of parent, Kingsley Sutton, they turned the green screen in a spectacular Alpine Mountain Set.

The play/movie involves lots of singing and dancing. It’s about a dragon living in the mountains and the moral of the story is don’t judge a book by the cover.

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