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Has Twitter had its day?

November 30th, 2022 10:10 PM

Has Twitter had its day? Image

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WHILE rumours of Twitter’s demise may have been wildly exaggerated to date, there is no doubt that the social media platform is in trouble.

It is losing thousands of users a day, although others are joining to see what all the recent fuss is about. But, in the scheme of things, a few thousand members here and there won’t make a massive dent in its popularity either way.

The tech giant currently has over 230m active users, and several million more who observe the goings-on, but don’t fully engage. That’s a lot of eyeballs in one place. That is exactly why the likes of Donald J Trump know the value of it. And why Twitter’s controversial new owner Elon Musk wanted Mr T back.

The interesting bit is that Mr Trump did not rush to begin re-sending out any of his (often hatred-laden) tweets when he was recently reinstated. Only time will tell whether Trump, like many more users, think the once-mighty voice of the people has already had its day.

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