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Green party posters stolen

May 23rd, 2024 10:30 AM

By Southern Star Team

Green party posters stolen Image
Rory Jackson is the latest election candidate to have their posters stolen.

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GREEN Party candidate for the Skibbereen area, Rory Jackson, is the latest candidate to have his posters stolen.

‘For a candidate running a low poster campaign, for environmental reasons, this is particularly disappointing,’ the party said in a statement. ‘It is a loss for him as a candidate but also for the voters.’

The Southern Star reported last week that both Helen O’Sullivan (Independent) and Patrick Murphy (Aontú) had posters stolen or taken off poles, though Helen has since said she has relocated hers.

‘Recently, the few campaign posters I put up locally were stolen or removed from a telegraph pole near Leap on the N71,’ said Rory this week.

‘One particular poster was placed with the aid of a ladder, highlighting the effort involved in ensuring visibility in our community. It is deeply disheartening when a candidate running a very limited poster campaign, out of personal belief that they should become a thing of the past, faces such actions. I have also observed posters of other candidates being vandalised or removed in various locations throughout the constituency.’

He is urging the poster thief to return them.

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