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Harold delighted with Late Late appearance

Monday, 15th April, 2019 9:45am

Story by Emma Connolly
Harold delighted with Late Late appearance

Farmer Harold Kingston from Courtmacsherry told the story of his struggles on last week’s ‘Late Late Show.’

COURTMACSHERRY farmer Harold Kingston said the response to his Late Late Show interview had been ‘overwhelmingly positive’ and ‘phenomenal.’

Harold, who first spoke out about his struggle with his work load and mental health with this newspaper last May, was part of a panel of three who addressed the problem of burn-out.

The IFA Cork Central chairman got emotional at times when speaking with Ryan Tubridy, especially when he revealed he felt so bad at one point that the wasn’t able to care for his cows. ‘I think I got emotional because it was exactly one year on after it happened – the first Friday in April,’ said Harold. 

Thankfully after getting help from his GP, with the support of his community, and by making some work changes, Harold is now back to full health. 

‘I got rid of winter milking and now have spring milk only, that was a part financial, part work-related decision. I’m also doing one-a-day milking which is working very well and I have someone who comes in to measure grass,’ he said. 

Men, he said, don’t multi-task very well: ‘I found I could handle one big task, so it was a matter of cutting down on the  number of tasks and focusing on the important one. This way, if an issue happens, I can deal with it now.’

The Late Late Show tweeted a clip of Harold’s interview which has been viewed nearly 85,000 times. 

However, he insists he’s not telling his story ‘as a badge of honour’ and isn’t trained to help other people. 

‘Like I said on the show, my advice in this situation is to go to your GP. If I had brain surgery done, it wouldn’t mean I could do it myself. I can only explain what worked for me.’