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FARM CLASSICS: Massey Ferguson 4270 as popular as ever

March 23rd, 2022 10:05 PM

By Southern Star Team

FARM CLASSICS: Massey Ferguson 4270 as popular as ever Image
Refurbished a number of years ago, this high hour 4270 belongs to Hugh Hegarty from Ovens.

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IN the mid 90s, Massey Ferguson was at somewhat of an engineering crossroads. In the high horsepower bracket, the highly advanced 3000 series had run its course, but its successor, the 6100 was initially receiving mixed reports on reliability.

Its mid-range tractors – the 300 series – were mechanically simple, yet very reliable and highly regarded. Massey Ferguson had to find the balance between mechanical simplicity and technical advancement which had to live up to the golden reputation of 399, 398T and 390T of the 300 series. Launched in 1997, the 4200 range of tractors took up the challenge, with the 4270 at the helm.

Manufactured in at the Banner Lane plant in Coventry, the 4270 receives its power from a straight 6 Perkins engine, producing 110hp with a distinctive bark.

A torquey, lightweight package that weighs only 4.1t, the lift capacity isn’t eyebrow raising at 5t with 66l/min of oil flowing through the hydraulic system. The back end of the tractor is light, tracing its roots back to the 188 and is largely unsuited for very heavy draft work. While many transmission options were available, the most desirable is the 24/24 PowerShuttle.

A single gear lever provides straight forward a 1-4 selection, along with a button operated dual power. Moving the lever though the gate to the right and then up or down selects Hi-Med-Lo ranges-this novel method provides a grand total of 24 gears.

A steering column shuttle controls direction changes with a small dial located underneath to adjust its sensitivity. A second dual power button is conveniently located above the linkage lever.

The styling of the 4270 is in stark contrast to its straight-lined 300 series processors. With an emphasises on visibility, the tractor has a sloped bonnet and a newly designed cab with narrow pillars and with the now trademark Massey Ferguson curved rear side windows.

The driver’s seating position is also significantly higher providing great all round visibility, unhindered by the mudguards on the previous range.

The 4270’s cab has a bright airy feel, thanks to its light grey plastic cladding and despite a rather large hand throttle lever, controls very logically laid out, even though the handbrake is on the right!

The tractor is fitted with four wheel braking due to its 40km road speed. However, the front axle can be prone to torque ‘wind-up’ resulting in an unpleasant bang soon after braking.

Ideally suited to loader work, the 4270 continues to be a popular choice amongst farmers.

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