Dunmanway library exhibition is designed to ‘bring the outside in’

May 10th, 2022 10:45 AM

By Brian Moore

Artist Jackie Nevin with her piece ‘Nest’ which is on exhibit at Dunmanway Library this week.

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A NEW exhibition ‘Bringing Outside In’ by a local artist is underway at Dunmanway Library and promises to be thought provoking and educational.

Artist Jackie Nevin, who lives and works in Dunmanway, has with the help of the Arts Council of Ireland, created a series of works which explores her community’s interaction with the natural environment.

‘Each week, for the month of May, I will create a sculpture to be exhibited in the library,’ Jackie told The Southern Star.

‘The topics covered over the four weeks will be home/habitat, birds, trees and then spiders and insects.

‘The project aims to promote positive mental health through involvement with nature,’ she said.

Alongside this artwork, Dunmanway library will collate and present a selection of books and activities on each of the weekly topics.

‘Climate change and its attendant challenges are spoken of consistently and represent potential for anxiety in children and young people,’ Jackie said.

‘The exhibition will engage using positive language and content. The artwork will only employ eco materials that are sustainable and represent low impact on the environment.’

Jackie’s first piece is a bird’s nest which is both inside and outside the library’s window in Dunmanway and represents ‘Home’.

‘I want to engage the community with the nature that is all around us,’ Jackie said.

‘When we were setting up the “nest” it was very heart-warming to see a child being lifted to see what is inside and to hear the parents describing the nest as a home first and foremost.   

‘I look forward to seeing more people come and experience the work here at the library, ‘Jackie said.

‘And I want to acknowledge the Arts Council who funded the research and the importance of bringing art into the community for everyone to experience.’

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