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Drunk driver veered across road and hit parked van with teenage children in it

March 6th, 2024 4:30 PM

Drunk driver veered across road and hit parked van with teenage children in it Image

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A DRUNK driver lost control of his vehicle and veered across the road hitting a parked van occupied by a man and his two teenage children, a recent sitting of Macroom District Court was told.

Acting for the State, Sgt Trish O’Sullivan told the court that on June 19th 2023 at 4.55pm a road traffic accident occurred near Macroom.

The court heard that the accused, David Ryan, 38 of Tullatreada, Macroom, lost control of the grey Transit van he was driving and veered across the road and crashed into a white Transit van that was parked at the roadside and occupied by a man and his two teenage children.

The court was told that when gardaí attended the scene it was observed that there was significant damage done to both vehicles and the occupants of the parked van were shaken by what had happened, but did not sustain serious injuries.

When questioned gardaí noticed a smell of alcohol from David Ryan and he was subsequently arrested and taken to Macroom Garda Station.

A urine sample taken from Mr Ryan showed an alcohol level of 213mg per 100 ml of urine, or more than three times the legal driving limit of 67mg.

He was charged with careless driving and driving under the influence of alcohol to which he entered a plea of guilty on both counts.

The court heard that he had seven previous convictions, all for road traffic offences, the most recent of which was in 2016.

Defence solicitor Patrick Goold told the court that Mr Ryan was recently married and had two young stepchildren as well as a child from a previous relationship.

He said that he worked in providing canoes and other craft on the lakes in Ballingeary and that a driving ban would have a serious impact on his life.

He added that Mr Ryan was an acknowledged alcoholic and had spent time in Tabor Lodge and was currently attending support services.

Mr Goold asked the court if the penalty could be deferred until September.

Judge James McNulty said that it was a serious offence and it had impacted the lives of other citizens.

He said it was his intention to fine Mr Ryan €1,000 as well as imposing the mandatory driving ban.

He ordered Mr Ryan to come before the court again on April 17th with a solicitor’s cheque for €1,000.

He said he wanted Mr Ryan to be able to demonstrate that his abstinence had been established and maintained before he would consider the application for deferral.

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