Chance for all to have a ‘new beginning’ says artist Declan

March 19th, 2021 8:00 PM

By Southern Star Team

Declan’s 2017 documentary River Runner was based on the Gearagh forest delta.

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AN acclaimed Cork film maker is working on a new multi-media project in celebration of those who have fought for the conservation and protection of our natural heritage.

Declan O’Mahony is known for his 2017 documentary River Runner on the Gearagh forest delta on the river Lee near Macroom.

It uncovered truths about the River Lee’s eco-system which was damaged since two ESB dams went into operation in the late 1950s.

He said the film ‘opened up the ongoing public discussion on the proper conservation and management of one of Ireland’s most precious ecological gems, the Gearagh.’

‘Our global environmental dilemma, clearly caused by humans insatiable need for energy, forced my work in a very specific direction over the past four decades.’

And while the pandemic has cost him his audiences as a visual artist, he said the ‘deadly pause has created an even greater awareness of a simpler way of living.’

‘Many people are walking their local roads and becoming acquainted and aware of the natural beauty that surrounds them. Many are realising that the hectic running and chasing pre-pandemic, was out of control and not particularly enjoyable,’ he noted.

An  announcement by the current government to invest in extra resources and deliver effective programmes of support for conservation and biodiversity, can and should be a game-changer for us all, he said.

His latest project being worked on this year, New Beginning, involves  new multi-media and musical compositions in a collaboration with composers, anglers, musicians, farmers and anglers.

Declan added that the Irish Woodland Trust magazine is shortly to include a feature on the Gearagh, one of the few alluvial forests in Europe.

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