Carbery launches new cheese brand aimed at the food service sector

September 23rd, 2020 11:55 AM

By Emma Connolly

In developing the new range, Carbery Group drew on the creative and practical expertise of their chefs, who collaborate extensively with customers to ensure the cheeses are suited to professional kitchens.

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CARBERY Group has launched a new cheese brand which has been  produced in its new €78m manufacturing facility and which is aimed at the food service sector.

Called Carbery Dairy, the range includes natural cheddar, functional reduced fat cheese, speciality cheeses and a new range of pasta filata, including mozzarella and grilling cheese.

They all have a high level of functionality such as excellent stretch, slice-ability, good melting or low browning characteristics and they’re suited to things like pizza, baking, ready meals, sauces, seasonings and snacks

In 2018, the co-operative which is owned by suppliers of Barryroe, Lisavaird, Drinagh and Bandon, announced plans to diversify its cheese product range into pasta filata and target new markets, including expanding significantly in Asia.

It was always on the cards, but given the onset of Brexit, it became more timely to diversity away from their award winning cheddar.

The expansion, underpinned by a €78m investment in a brand new state-of-the-art facility in is now almost complete, with output set to increase from just over 50,000 tonnes per annum to 64,000 tonnes.

CEO of Carbery Group Jason Hawkins said: ‘We have been implementing a strategy for a number of years now to diversify and grow our products, and therefore our customer base. Our extensive market research has shown us that demand in Asia for dairy products and particularly cheese is set to grow.

‘We believe that our heritage and expertise in dairy, combined with our talented team of researchers, food scientists and cheese experts, have culminated in this exceptional cheese brand that we hope will inspire new and existing customers to create market-winning products.’

Orlaigh Matthews, marketing manager for cheese, added: ‘We’re excited to be entering the food service market with our Carbery Dairy range of high-quality cheeses. In developing the range, we drew on the creative and practical expertise of our chefs, who collaborate extensively with our customers to ensure the cheeses are suited to professional kitchens.

‘Together with our cheesemakers and R&D teams, our chefs have created exciting recipes to satisfy consumer demands around the world. We hope food service suppliers enjoy creating delicious dishes for their customers that showcase the very best in Irish grass-fed cheese.’


The varieties of cheese on offer through Carbery Dairy include:

Pasta Filata (mozzarella and grilling cheese)

Natural Cheddar (mild, medium, mature and vintage)

Cheese Extra (a variety of highly functional, high protein, reduced fat cheeses)

Speciality Cheeses (includes both Italian style and Inclusion cheese with flavours such as smoked, chilli, fajita and black pepper)

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