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Car of the week: Ioniq 5 a top challenger in EV battleground

March 8th, 2022 5:05 PM

By Southern Star Team

Car of the week: Ioniq 5 a top challenger in EV battleground Image

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HYUNDAI’S Ioniq 5 was inspired by the futuristic design of the brand’s Concept 45 EV presented at the 2019 Frankfurt Motor Show, which debuted the face that would carry the Korean brand into the age of electrification.

Gorgeous in looks, this new battery electric compact crossover SUV, Ioniq 5, was one of the most exciting new models launched last year.Size-wise, it sits between the company’s Tucson and larger Santa Fe, and has already been bought by some 456 customers this year.

Ioniq 5 is built on Hyundai’s dedicated vehicle platform that allows a fully flat floor with a longer wheelbase, lounge-like interior space for five adults, adjustable front seats that can fully recline, as well as faster charging.

The car’s sleek look includes clean lines and minimalistic structures, and dramatic looking 19-inch wheels. The clamshell bonnet spans the entire width of the car, distinctive LED headlamps give great presence while the rear LED lighting design also adds to the car’s cool, clean look.

The interior features a minimalist dashboard dominated by two big 12.25-inch screens. One display shows your current speed and the battery state of charge while the infotainment touchscreen gives access to all connectivity, navigation and climate control features. Maps are excellent and a big weather icon shows current weather conditions.

A large floating armrest allows the floor stretch across the full width of the car. Beautiful seats hold you in snugly and can be heated. I also liked how the glovebox slides outwards to open.

Temperature controls can be adjusted manually via buttons. A wireless charger space will charge your smartphone and four USB ports can charge other devices.

Long side mirrors aid visibility. A really good Blind Spot Alert features a car icon in the instrument panel showing red arcs on the side of your car that a vehicle is approaching from behind.

Boot space is a generous 527 litres with a separate area for charging cables, or you can pop them into the 47 litre storage area under the front bonnet.

Customers can choose from three trim levels and from a 58kW standard battery with a range of 384 kms, or a more powerful 72.6kW one with a claimed range of 481kms. The standard battery version uses a 125 kW electric motor integrated in the rear axle providing 170hp and 350 Nm of instant torque. There’s also an all-wheel drive version with two electric motors punching out 300hp.

Using a home wallbox, charging time is six hours. The 800V battery system can add 100km of range in just five minutes at an appropriate public AC charging station, and supports charging at up to 220kW at a DC ultra-fast charger, from 10-80pc in 18 minutes.

The battery in my car had 371 kms of charge when I collected it with the screen showing it was 100pc charged. The car achieved 16.9 kWh/100kms which was impressive given my mixed road driving. With instant acceleration, the car was a pure joy to drive.

Ionic 5 has the highest level of safety and driver assistance features in the brand’s line-up and has achieved a maximum five-star rating in the Euro NCAP safety test.

It comes with Hyundai’s 5-Year Unlimited Mileage Warranty. The battery is warranty-protected for eight years or 160,000km.


What I like: Smooth looks and smooth performance.

Price: From €38,495-€48,995.


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