BREAKING: School refutes claims about student identifying as cat

January 27th, 2023 9:51 AM

By Southern Star Team

Skibbereen Community School: sent out message to parents and guardians yesterday.

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SKIBBEREEN Community School last night issued a text to parents to say there was no truth in the rumours circulating in a What’s App message about the school.

A What’s App voice message, which has been widely circulated throughout Cork and Kerry, claims that a student is identifying as a ‘cat’ and that there was an altercation with a teacher as a result.

The message claims a student ‘miaowed’ at the teacher and the teacher ‘barked’ in return.

The voice message has been forwarded many times and was in such wide circulation that the school felt prompted to respond.

‘Dear Parent/Guardian’ the school’s text message reads, ‘We have been made aware of a Whatsapp message circulating about the school. This message is without foundation and no element of it is true,’ it reassures parents.

It adds that ‘appropriate authorities’ have now been informed.


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