Baltimore’s playground vandalised and trashed

August 13th, 2021 7:05 AM

By Jackie Keogh

The hippo bins in Baltimore where torn apart and the internal bin was flattened.

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Members of Baltimore Tidy Towns and the local Community Council have criticised the wanton vandalism of the playground on Saturday night and Sunday morning week.
‘This is most unusual because we don’t have much vandalism in Baltimore,’ Jonnie Goyer chairperson of the local tidy towns committee told The Southern Star.

Committee members, and members of the local community council, were dismayed to find the playground strewn with rubbish on Sunday morning.

‘Two plastic hippo bins were pulled apart – effectively decapitated – and two internal metal bins were pulled out and flattened,’ said Jonnie.

Discarded items of clothing were also displayed, clothesline style, on a wire fence.

‘I hope the perpetrators are caught,’ said Jonnie, who was full of praise for the speedy clean-up operation carried out by Cork County Council early on Sunday morning.

She said everything was put to rights and even the Hippos were hastily reassembled.

‘It’s a shame that this is happening in such a small village,’ Mark Lee, a member of Baltimore Community Council, stated.

‘We have had to clean up rubbish in the past, but this was the worst. It’s senseless to cause such mayhem in a park used by families.’

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