A new bank holiday

October 10th, 2021 6:25 PM

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THERE has been much talk this week of another bank holiday for Ireland. It is not a completely new idea  – it has been mentioned before, as this country has one of the lowest numbers of public holiday days in the EU.

Now the talk has turned to which month would be best. Some claim the government is favouring a November date, between the Hallowe’en break and the Christmas holidays.

But others have suggested the month of February would be more appropriate – mid-way between the New Year and St Patrick’s Day in March – and it could also be timed to tie in nicely with St Brigid’s Day at the start of the month. It certainly seems like a more useful day – given the weather should be more pleasant with spring’s arrival, than the often miserable cold and dark November nights we are used to up here in northern Europe.

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