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12 top tips for making your garden more relaxing with VidaXL

May 18th, 2022 2:15 PM

12 top tips for making your garden more relaxing with VidaXL Image

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A garden should be a place to feel good, feel relaxed and to unwind. Vidaxl want you to live it up for less and so, they've curated this list to help people plan their space accordingly and enjoy their outdoor area more this summer


1 - Create A Secluded Area

You don't need to use the whole backyard, but simply make a small nook that is secluded and private. A great way to start is to use a couple of bushes or shrubs to help make the area more private.

However, if there is already a fence in the space, then you can add some hanging plants and vines so that they cover the fence. This will make the space feel a lot more natural.

2 - Use Fragrant Plants

Another great way to promote relaxation is to use aromatherapy. You can use this in your garden by using fragrant plants. There are many fragrant potted plants or you can even plant them near your chairs. Some good options include clematis, gardenia, lavender etc. These plants offer a pleasant sweet smell that is light. Best of all, the scent would last throughout the spring and summer.

3 - Plush Seating

When you're in your garden, you definitely want to be comfortable. So, it is a great idea to get plush seating that will certainly help you to feel more comfortable and relaxed. There are lots of garden furniture options that you can consider such as benches, lounge chairs etc.

It is also a good idea to ensure that your seating options are easy to clean and they should also be waterproof. This is important since they will be out and exposed to the elements. If your seating isn't comfortable, you can get some outdoor cushions and place them or attach them to your seats. This will help you to save some cash.

4 - Get Wind Chimes

You can use wind chimes to make your area more relaxing and calming. There are different types and you can opt for metal or even bamboo wind chimes. These types are quite strong and can deal with snow, wind, rain etc and remain undamaged.

It is a great idea to get a couple wind chimes and have them near to your seating area. This will make your nook feel a lot more calming.

5 - Get A Water Feature

Having a water feature such as a waterfall or pond has many benefits. For one, hearing the melodious sounds of water is quite soothing. Even when you look at it, it is also quite relaxing. You can even create a pond and place Kois or other types of fish in it as well as pond plants. This will also make your pond become the centrepiece of your garden.

6 - Place Statues Or Plaques

If you're religious or spiritual, then you can place religious statues or plaques in your garden nook. For example, statues of Buddha, angel statues or even plaques with spiritual quotes. These will provide a focal point for your garden and it will also help you to relax and de-stress.

 7 - Be Simple

When getting pots for your plants, you don't have to buy the most expensive or fancy containers. Using simple pots such as terra-cotta pots, metallic pots or even glazed pots work quite well. They help to decorate the space without making it look too crowded.

You should also consider getting big pots and placing tall grasses in them. These will give you more privacy and make your space look more exclusive.

8 - Be Natural

In your nook, you should avoid using harsh lines or steel near your seats. These are quite distracting design elements and will negatively impact your ability to relax and unwind.

It is much better to use softer lines in your design. This can be done by utilizing wooden and wicker chairs. It is best to have more flowing lines since these will help you to feel more relaxed and you'll end up being much more rejuvenated over time.

9 - Use Pastel Colours

The great thing about pastels is that they promote relaxation since they don't distract. So, you should consider this when you're selecting garden furniture and even flowers that you're going to plant in your garden nook.

Even your seating, stone work, statues etc should all be pastel or neutral colours.

10 - Floor Cushions

If your nook is too small to place seating or if you don't want to take up too much space with seating, then a great option are plush floor cushions according to VidaXL. The benefit of these cushions is that you can spread out as much as you want with your snacks, drinks and books and enjoy the day. It is best to buy a mix of big and small cushions.

11 - Lighting

When you use the correct lighting, it helps to improve relaxation and mood. In your garden nook, you can use solar lights as they don't require electricity and are eco-friendly. They would also automatically turn on during dusk and light all throughout the night.

You can also use candles and even scented ones if you prefer. Alternatively, you can use party lights that you can turn on whenever you desire.

12 - Be Open To Wildlife

You can place bird feeders in your garden so that the birds can enjoy a meal and you can enjoy looking at them. Once these birds realize that they have a new source of food, they will keep returning.

You can also plant lots of flowers which will naturally attract butterflies. You'll be able to enjoy the beauty of the flowers, their sweet scent and the butterflies while relaxing in your garden.

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