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School’s podcast gives everyone a voice and role

June 4th, 2023 7:05 AM

By Southern Star Team

School’s podcast gives everyone a voice and role Image
The Clonakilty podcast is now in season four.

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STUDENTS from the Sacred Heart Secondary School in Clonakilty are on season four of their SHSS podcast.      

In the episodes, students highlight school news and also conduct interviews with interesting local people. 

The first podcast was released in October 2021, and they have grown in popularity ever since.

The idea to have a school podcast arose from a fourth-year journalism module. 

During class the TY students brainstorm topics for discussion, along with compiling a list of interview questions. Two students conduct the interview, and one is given the role of sound editor, with the roles being rotated for each podcast.  

‘Everyone has a story to tell,’ says Evie Weller, a fourth-year student involved in the podcasts. ‘There’s something for everyone in doing the podcast.’

Teacher and author Caragh Bell is the adult organiser of the school module and has been exceptionally helpful in the podcast’s path to success.

‘We interview people from all walks of life, as I’m passionate about showing that there’s a place for everyone: scientists, artists, musicians, entrepreneurs, writers and others,’ said Caragh. 

Outside of teaching English and French, Caragh has published six books including the Follow Your Heart trilogy and has written a play, One in Four, to be performed later this year. The school group usually releases two podcasts a month, each being roughly 20 minutes in duration.     

They appreciate the fact that Flux Learning, a digital education company, has provided them with the equipment and editing skills required. 

‘They have been a joy to work with over the past couple of years,’ said Caragh.       

‘Each podcast is recorded in a small room in the old part of our school. It’s perfect because no noise can be picked up from the hustle and bustle of the rest of the school,’ said Evie. 

All seasons are available for listening to now on Spotify, Audible, Apple Podcasts and other apps. 

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