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FARM CLASSICS: The New Holland TM125 – a minimal fuss workhorse

April 13th, 2022 10:05 PM

The TMs were an instant hit, and still pack a punch.

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NEW Holland’s TM range of tractors requires little introduction. The TM, an instant hit on launch, is a well-respected frontline workhorse to this day. 

With the foundations laid by the 60 series, the TM offered greater refinement and higher levels of operator comfort with a production run from 2000-2007, featuring three facelifts of the range. 

From the outset, the whole TM range offered high levels of sophistication. However, New Holland still acknowledged the operators that required levels of simplicity in their machines, a role designated to both the TM115, TM125 and TM135. 

Powered by the same 7.5l turbocharged NH Powerstar engine as its larger siblings, the TM125 produces a useful 125hp. Rear linkage capacity is rated at 5.5t, along with a three-speed, soft start PTO. 

While the range command powershift gearbox was an option, the 125 could also be specified in two types of manual transmissions – classic and dual command.

Classic provides 20F/20R through a fully manual selection of five gears through four ranges, as well as a shuttle, operated by three levers. 

A dry clutch provides the link between the gearbox and the engine which can often prove to be quite stiff. 

However, this is often remedied by fitting a grease line to the clutch release bearing, if the tractor is split for repairs. Gear linkages can also become quite sticky due to their exposed location under the cab, and they benefit from regular lubrication.

The dual command gearbox is the next step up, providing 24F/24R with the added benefit of a splitter.  

The main gear lever selects four gears, as well as the splitter, while a second lever caters for three ranges. A steering column mounted shuttle, as well as a damper clutch, adds even more refinement to the gearbox.

Both classic and dual command tractors come in many guises, with early models sporting a grey chassis, and black on later tractors. 

Dashboard options included an analogue or digital display, while wheel rims could be light ‘square’ type or solid. Classic TMs were fitted with manual rear linkage controls, and two to four spool valves. Worthy of note is the front axle suspension option. However, cab suspension was unavailable due to the gear linkages. 

The classic and dual power TMs are renowned as minimal fuss steadfast workhorses that pack a punch. 

The manual transmissions provide a direct link between the engine and gearbox, ensuring minimal power losses and an excellent driving feel for the operator. 

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