Trusting her gut, she joined the Supervalu food academy

September 13th, 2020 11:50 AM

By Southern Star Team

Hayley saw a surge in interest in her fermented food business during since the start of the pandemic.

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A WEST Cork-based fermented food company says being part of SuperValu’s Food Academy has given it a major boost.

The Cultured Food Company was set up in Skibbereen in 2014 by Hayley Milthorpe after fermenting foods at home for family and friends. Having observed the trend of fermentation growing in the USA, Hayley saw a gap in the market for foods supporting gut health as the product was not readily available in Ireland.

A healthy gut needs good bacteria regularly and cultured foods are an excellent source of probiotics because they contain live bacteria.

The Cultured Food Company produces kombucha, sauerkraut and kimchi, commonly known as some of the best foods containing beneficial bacteria to support a healthy gut.

Currently employing four full time staff, the business has continued growing during the Covid-19 crisis, even seeing a surge in their sales as support for local producers and quality products increased.

SuperValu has played an important role in the Cultured Food Company’s journey and it’s now stocked in its supermarkets across Munster.

Hayley said: ‘Being part of Food Academy is invaluable, an incredible learning experience, and a great way to network with other food producers.’

Cork stores have sold €5.5m of Food Academy Brands in 2020 to date as customers show appreciation for quality local food and  beverage products.

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