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Bridal hair trends for 2024

March 5th, 2024 10:07 AM

By Emma Connolly

Bridal hair trends for 2024 Image

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IF you got married in the 80s, chances are you wore a tiara, with blue eye shadow and a big dress.

The 90s bride was a high-shine one with lots of silk and slips, with the so-called relaxed (yeah right) boho bride having her moment not long after.

The point is that every year, not to mind every decade, brings a whole raft of trends for brides-to-be – and with them, a whole lot of fun to be had.

Of course the thing with trends is that they’re on borrowed time. They’ll have their moment in the spotlight, but they’ll also be banished to the dark side at some point (only to return a few years later).

Personally we think it’s worth having some fun and buying into some on-trend looks for your own big day in the spotlight.

If you’re tying the knot this year, you don’t have to scream ‘2024’ from head to toe but why not take some influences here and there instead?

How you style your hair is one way to do this, particularly if you’d rather stick with a classic gown, and when it comes to hair this year the vibe is mainly minimal, and then a bit more minimal.

Sleek buns


Thanks to Sofia Richie the low bun, with a middle parting is still very on-trend for 2024.

The look is very sleek and almost architectural and looks great with this year’s makeup trend, which is all about embracing natural beauty.

This hairstyle puts the bride very much in the spotlight with nothing to distract and no big hair to hide behind.

A slightly less statement-making alternative, but still very popular look is a bun worn slightly higher on the head, with more of a tousled look. Take your pick.

Delicate pony tail


The ballet-core fashion trend that’s been big for a while now on international catwalks not only influences bridal gowns, but also bridal hair, mainly through the above-mentioned buns, but also through delicate pony tails.

The ballet-core pony is very soft, with a slight bend, worn either at the nape of the neck or a tiny bit higher.

Take note though, what makes this a 2024 pony is the all-essential bow, worn as large as you dare!


Brides are being reminded this year that they don’t necessarily need to grow their hair long for their big day – unless they want to of course.

There’s a feeling that as soon as you get engaged, you need to start growing your locks.

Well style insiders say this is nonsense. And they’ve gone even further and declared the bob a hot haircut for 2024 brides. So there!

Hair down

Right, so if the bun or the pony tail don’t take your fancy, why not wear your hair down with a light wave, but (and this is the 2024 bit) with the front bits clipped back?

It’s a favourite look of Kim Kardashian and another hot bridal hair trend for this year.

Just be aware that the destination of your wedding will play a factor in you choosing this look – in other words humidity won’t be your friend if you want to avoid frizz.

Ultimately, it’s down to you, the bride, how you want to wear your hair, and if you want to accessorise with a veil, jewelled clips or even a hat of some type.

And if you are getting married this year and you have your heart set on wearing a tiara, then go for it! You do you, that’s the top trend for 2024 and every other year too.

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