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In a West Cork Minute

May 25th, 2015 9:00 AM

By Southern Star Team

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He's heading to the European Rowing Championships representing Ireland next week but it might surprise you to learn that Skibbereen rower Gary O'Donovan (22), a man well used to water, is a terrible fisher. We kid you not

Rate yourself on a scale of 1 to 10 on how funny you are? I couldn’t put a number on it.

Highlight of your sporting career? It is hard to pick one but having a successful few years as juniors with my brother Paul and two friends, Shane and Diarmuid, was a lot of fun.

Most dialled number on your phone? Dominic Casey (the coach).

What’s your karaoke song? I can’t actually sing an entire song but I can sing the first few words of almost any song.

Tell us an interesting fact about yourself? I’m terrible at fishing.

Best-ever holiday? I have not been on holiday in a long time, but I do a bit of travelling with the rowing and I liked Bulgaria.

If you won the lotto what would you buy first? I would give the Haagen-Dazs a go instead of the Ben and Jerrys.

Separated at birth, who’s your celebrity twin double? I don’t know of any celebrities that I look like; Paul O’Connell would be cool to have as a brother though.

What’s your favourite word? Fab.

If you could change any part of you what would it be? I get a lot of blisters on my hands from rowing, so maybe tougher skin would be good.

Your most treasured item of clothing? There is a lot of sentimental value in the Ireland rowing suits that I have got over the years.

Favourite cartoon? Johnny Bravo.

If I was an animal then I would be a .... Kids have often compared me to ‘Gary the Snail’ from SpongeBob Squarepants –probably because we have the same name.

What question would you liked to have been asked in this interview? This was a fairly comprehensive interview.

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