Anna makes it a double in West Cork championships

April 13th, 2019 8:00 AM

By Southern Star Team

Medal winners at the West Cork Track & Field Championships, held at the CIT track in Cork last Sunday: U11 girls' 600m (2) race, Lisa Carey Martin, West Muskerry AC (2nd), Holly O'Flynn, Skibbereen AC (1st) and Clíona O'Brien, Doheny AC (3rd).

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There was double delight for Anna O'Neill of Doheny AC at the first day of the West Cork Track & Field Championships last Sunday.



THERE was double delight for Anna O’Neill of Doheny AC at the first day of the West Cork Track & Field Championships last Sunday.

Held at the CIT track on a cold but dry day, events were competed for by seniors, masters and uneven age-grades. O’Neill came out on top in the longest senior women’s race, the 3,000m, while Bandon had a 1-2-3 in the 100m, Pauline Callan crossing the line first. Dylan Roberts made it a Bandon 100m double while Michael Harrington of Durrus came out on top in the 3,000m. Anna O’Neill also triumphed in the women’s 800m while West Muskerry’s Dara Myers won the men’s re. 

In a new departure this year, the 3,000 senior event had a team element, with team prizes going to clubs in a similar fashion in the cross-county event. There was a great mix of clubs from the region and all the events were keenly contested, with all clubs taking a satisftory selection of medals.  

The second day, for even ages, takes place this Saturday at the same venue, starting at 12 noon. This year, the trophy for best overall club in the West Cork Championships will be the Catherine Duggan Memorial Trophy, kindly donated by the Duggan family in memory of the late Catherine Duggan, long time head coach at Bandon. This will be presented at the second leg of the Championships to the Club with the most points over the two days.



Senior – Men, 3,000m: 1 Michael Harrington (Durrus), 2 Naoise Ó Flaitheartaigh (Bandon), 3 John Cronin (West Muskerry); Team: 1 West Muskerry, 2 Durrus; 800m: 1 Dara Myers (West Muskerry), 2 Stephen O’Sullivan (Bantry), 3 Jeremiah O’Sullivan (West Muskerry); 100m Sprint: 1 Dylan Roberts (Bandon), 2 Jeremiah O’Sullivan (West Muskerry); Long Jump: 1 Jeremiah O’Sullivan (West Muskerry) 5.05m, 2 Donncha O’Brien (Doheny) 4.9m, 3 Stephen O’Sullivan (West Muskerry) 3.86m; Weight Throw: 1 Peadar Kelleher (West Muskerry) 6.97m, 2 Donncha O’Brien (Doheny) 6.76m, 3 John O’Donovan (Bandon) 6.1m; Relay: 1 West Muskerry, 2 Bandon, 3 Bandon. 


Women, 3,000m: 1 Anna O’Neill (Doheny), 2 Anne Bamford, 3 Pauline Callan (both Bandon); Team: 1 Bandon, 2 Durrus; 100m: 1 Pauline Callan, 2 Sheila Trunwit, 3 Anne Bamford (all Bandon); 800m: 1 Anna O’Neill (Doheny), 2 Anne Bamford, 3 Sheila Trunwit (both Bandon); Long Jump: 1 Theresa Tierney Bugler (Cork Mental Health, guest); Shot Putt: 1 Laura McSweeney, 2 Michelle O’Donovan (both Bandon);  Relay: 1 Bandon, 2 Bandon.


Masters – Men, 100m: 1 Stephen O’Sullivan (Bantry), 2 Paul Kelleher(Bandon), 3 Tony McElhinney (Bantry); Weight Throw: 1 Cosmos de Búrca (Bandon) 6.1m, 2 Jeremiah O’Sullivan (West Muskerry) 5.67m, 3 Trevor Mulcahy (Bandon) 5.29m. 

Women, Shot Putt: 1 Denise Wilmot Harrington, 2 Eileen O’Donovan (both Bandon).

U17 – Boys, Sprint: 1 David Price (Transfer), 2 James McCarthy (West Muskerry), 3 Liam O’Connell (Clonakilty); 1,500m: 1 Darren Moynihan (West Muskerry), 2 Ruairí Harrington, 3 Ruairí Falvey (both Bandon); Shot Putt: 1 Ciarán O’Sullivan (Bantry) 8.91m, 2 James McCarthy (West Muskerry) 8.67m, 3 David Price (Transfer) 8.52m; Long Jump: 1 Liam O’Connell (Clonakilty) 5.56m, 2 David Price (Transfer) 5.28m, 3 Ruairí Harrington (Bandon) 5m; 

Girls, Sprint: 1 Maeve O’Neill (Doheny), 2 Ellen Collins (Durrus), 3 Eimear Nagle (Bandon); 1500m: 1 Maeve O’Neill (Doheny), 2 Aoibheann Lawton (Durrus), 3 Brigín Kelleher (West Muskerry); Shot Putt: 1 Niamh O’Donovan 9.22m, 2 Julie Sheehy 8.09m, 3 Eimear Nagle 7.45m (all Bandon); Long Jump: 1 Maeve O’Neill (Doheny) 4.57, 2 Niamh O’Donovan (Bandon) 4.38m, 3 Brigín Kelleher (West Muskerry) 3.74m; Relay: 1 Durrus, 2 Bandon, 3 West Muskerry. 

U15 – Boys, Sprint (100m): 1 Fionn Merritt (Bandon), 2 Gavin Sweetnam (Skibbereen), 3 Fionn Harrington (Durrus); 200m: Fionn Merritt (Bandon), 2 Gavin Sweetnam (Skibbereen), 3 Fionn Harrington (Durrus); 1,500m: Fionn Harrington, 2 Seán Lawton (both Durrus), 3 Callum McElhinney (Bantry); High Jump: 1 Adam O’Regan (Clonakilty) 1.45m, 2 Keith McCarthy (Doheny), 3 Ben Coughlan (Doheny), Ferdia Dennis (Skibbereen). 


Girls – Sprint: 1 Vicki Good, 2 Maia McCourt, 3 Emma Barry (all Bandon); 200m: 1 Vicki Good, 2 Maia McCourt (both Bandon), 3 Lucia Duarte (West Muskerry); 1,500m: 1 Ella Collins (Bandon), 2 Lucia Duarte (West Muskerry), 3 Emma Barry (Bandon); High Jump: 1 Lauren O’Donovan (Skibbereen) 1.24m, 2 Orna O’Brien (Doheny) 1.22m; Relay: 1 Bandon. 

U13 – Boys, Sprint (80m): 1 Andrew Lane, 2 Eoin O’Callaghan, 3 Harry Good (all Bandon); 800m: 1 Alex Coughlan (Doheny), 2 Daniel Dollard, 3 Adam Sexton (both Bandon); Long Jump: 1 Eoin O’Callaghan (Bandon) 4.2m, 2 Alex Coughlan (Doheny) 4.12, 3 Daniel Coughlan (Bandon) 3.7m; Shot Putt: 1 Adam O’Donovan (Skibbereen) 7.95m, 2 Eoin O’Callaghan (7.88m), 3 Michael Conroy 7.46m (both Bandon); Javelin: 1 Eoin O’Callaghan (Bandon) 21.13, 2 Adam O’Donovan (Skibbereen) 20.34m, 3 Daniel Dollard (Bandon) 11.69m; Relay: 1 Bandon, 2 Doheny, 3 Bandon. 

Girls, Sprint (80m): 1 Molly O’Donovan, 2 Kayla Mulcahy, Sarah Burrows, 4 Leah Crean; 800m: 1 Ciara Delaney (Skibbereen), 2 Caoimhe Flannery (Skibbereen), 3 Gemma O’Mahony (Doheny); Long Jump: 1 Aoife Callan, 4.38m, 2 Leah Crean, 4m (both Bandon), 3 Saorlaith Murphy (West Muskerry) 3.57; Shot Putt: 1 Diana Coakley (Skibbereen) 7.68m, 2 Molly O’Donovan (Bandon) 7.12m, 3 Saorlaith Murphy (West Muskerry) 6.73m; Javelin: 1 Katie Kingston 24.2m, 2 Diana Coakley 21.98m, 3 Aoife Callan (Bandon), Saorlaith Murphy (West Muskerry) 13.31m; Relay: 1 Bandon, 2 Skibbereen, 3 Doheny.


U11 – Boys, Sprint (60m): 1 Ronan Sheehy, 2 Christopher Woodland, 3 Max Clover, Dean Hourigan, (all Bandon); 600m (1): 1 Darragh Murphy (West Muskerry), 2 Christopher Woodland (Bandon), 3 Shane O’Connell (Doheny); 600m (2): 1 Conor O’Brien (Skibbereen), 2 Cathal Murphy (Bandon), 3 Sammy O’Mahony (Doheny); Turbo Javelin: 1 Stephen O’Neill 21.6m, 2 Sam Kingston 20.88m (both Skibbereen), 3 Alex Bramoulle (Doheny) 18.45m; Relay: 1 Bandon , 2 Doheny , 3 Bandon.

Girls, Sprint (60m): 1 Holly O’Flynn (Skibbereen), 2 Clíona Harte (Bandon), 3 Kate Harrington (Courcey); 600m (1): 1 Lorraine Coakley (Skibbereen), 2 Lucy Harrington (Bantry), 3 Maeve Dollard (Bandon); 600m (2): 1 Holly O’Flynn (Skibbereen), 2 Lisa Carey Martin (West Muskerry), 3 Cliona O’Brien (Doheny); Turbo Javelin: 1 Lorraine Coakley 17.53m, 2 Holly O’Flynn 17.52 (both Skibbereen), 3 Isobel Lane (Bandon) 14.6m; Relay: 1 Bandon, 2 Bandon, 3 West Muskerry. 

U9 – Boys, Sprint (60m): 1 Ewan Hourigan (Bandon), 2 Eoghan Foley (Doheny), 3 Shane Murphy (Bandon); 300m: 1 Eoghan Foley (Doheny), 2 Shane Murphy (Bandon), 3 David Twomey (West Muskerry); Turbo Javelin: 1 Max Bramoulle (Doheny) 17.15m, 2 Ewan Hourigan (Bandon) 12.27m, 3 Eoghan Foley (Doheny) 10.7m; Relay: 1 Bandon, 2 West Muskerry, 3 Bandon. 

U9, Sprint (60m): 1 Lily Clover, 2 Neasa Shannon (both Bandon), 3 Kayla McKennedy (Skibbereen); 300m: 1 Izzy O’Flynn (Skibbereen), 2 Lily Clover (Bandon), 3 Kayla McKennedy (Skibbereen); Turbo Javelin: 1 Laura May Coakley 10.27m, 2 Maggie Hallahan 8.59m (both Skibbereen), 3 Clodagh O’Regan (Clonakilty) 7.28m; Relay: 1 Bandon, 2 Bandon, 3 Skibbereen/West Muskerry  mixed team.

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