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An Post rejects claims of no mail in Glengarriff

March 4th, 2024 1:00 PM

By Kieran O'Mahony

A pile of post received by a Southern Star reader who had been waiting for two weeks for letters to come through their letterbox.

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LOCALS in Glengarriff are standing by their claims they have been without post for a week, with one man saying he hasn’t received any post for the past fortnight.

Speaking to The Southern Star, Jim Morrissey said he has been waiting for two new tax discs for a pick-up truck and a new car and still hasn’t received them.

‘It’s unbelievable that we have received nothing. I sent off for the tax discs on February 14th and we haven’t had any post delivered here for two weeks,’ said Jim.

‘My wife was also sent a message last week that a delivery of a parcel would be arriving, but she still hasn’t got it and even the messages have stopped now. I contacted An Post and was told that the distribution of the post for our area is now being carried out in Bantry, but it shouldn’t mean that we are forgotten about here.’

Another resident in Glengarriff said that they are going into a second week without any post and are awaiting cheques posted out by their customers.

Cllr Caroline Cronin (FG) said she was contacted by several people who haven’t received post in over a week.

‘It seems that there is just one postal worker who now has to go to the Bantry delivery unit to sort the post before returning to Glengarriff to deliver the post.’

An Post said allegations the route has had no deliveries for a week are ‘absolutely untrue’.

‘Deliveries operated as normal up to and including February 19th. Should a customer not have received mail before then, it was because there was no mail for them.’

They added that due to a staff absence, deliveries were made on a staggered basis on alternate days. ‘It’s not simply a case of allocating another member of staff to the route, as we can do in urban areas with roads and house numbers.’

TD Holly Cairns has asked the Minister about the level of non-delivery in Glengarriff and why it happened.

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