Zionists bought lands that Arabs tried to steal back

February 29th, 2020 5:05 PM

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SIR – People self-determine themselves, at least since President Wilson – and not in Daniel Teegan’s pay scale – otherwise why his obsessive concern with the self-definition of the Palestine Arabs who refused to use their Roman British moniker till the winter of 1968/’69?    

As a teenager of the 1950s the Arab refugees of the 1948 war were referred to as ‘Arab refugees’ – even by the BBC – before the Arab League and KGB ‘pulled Arafat out of a hat’ in  late 1968; dumped Shukeiri – the windbag’s windbag in ‘The Cruiser’s’ words –  and amalgamated the PLO and Fatah.

It is historic irony ‘funny’ for an Irish person to comment on which Jews belong historically anywhere while there are over 35 million US citizens and 7 million UK citizens are of Irish heritage and perhaps a third of Australia’s population, so where do they belong being originally British migrants with redcoat escort? When did they buy their lands from the Indians and Aborigines? 

The Zionists bought their lands and the Arabs tried stealing them back in 1948 in defiance of UN advice to compromise and have deserved everything they have not had since. 

This is why the international community that witnessed the outcome of Arab warlike gambles of 1948, and since, have not overly exerted themselves to overturn the results of Arab rejection of eight compromises since 1937. 

BDS are specialists in the political thuggish objective of destroying a UN member state –  and population – with Belated Devious Sophisms. Watch the YouTube of the effendi Omar Barghouti, PhD, Tel Aviv University – as was poet Darwish – insist no Palestinian will accept any Jewish state anywhere in Palestine (from the river to the sea).  

This warrants calling defenders of BDS and Palestine supporters claiming they want a two-state peace, to be liars. 

Frank Adam,



United Kingdom. 

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