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Warning about supermarket inflatables following rescue

July 29th, 2020 9:38 AM

By Kieran O'Mahony

Warning about supermarket inflatables following rescue Image
Crosshaven RNLI lifeboat

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Water rescue officials are warning people about the use of supermarket inflatables at sea after two young men without lifejackets were rescued aboard such a vessel near Daunt Rock Buoy yesterday afternoon.

A former crew member of Crosshaven RNLI and his crewmate have been praised after they came to the rescue of the two  men  who were in a supermarket inflatable boat measuring 1.5 feet. Aengus O’Donovan was returning to his trawler, the 10m Majestic IV ,when he spotted the two men  aboard the inflatable approximately one mile south oft he Daunt Rock buoy and about 1.5 miles from the shore.

They had lost one of their paddles and the wind was blowing offshore and it is understood they had come from Robert’s Cove.

According to a post on the Crosshaven RNLI Lifeboat Station Facebook page, Aengus and his crewmate, Mathew Byrne, retrieved the two hypothermic casualties to his boat, wrapped them up in the wheelhouse and made for Crosshaven RNLI station. Deputy LMA Dr Larrie Martin and  and three of their first responders, Alan Venner, Georgie Keating and Jenna O’Shea took control and treated the two men in the station.

‘Advice was given that they should get checked out at hospital but they declined and the station arranged a taxi for them after they had been warmed up sufficiently to leave unaided.’

The inflatable was destroyed at the station.

Hugh Mockler, deputy launch authority praised Aengus for his seaman ship and first aid skills in bringing the two men back to shore safely.

‘These supermarket inflatables have no place on the sea as they are downright dangerous. If these men had not been spotted by Aengus they may never have been found and become another avoidable tragedy for two families,’ he said.

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