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US duo happy with ‘ambush’ for proposal at Gougane

July 1st, 2022 5:10 PM

By Emma Connolly

US duo happy with ‘ambush’ for proposal at Gougane Image
Phillip Johnson from Wisconsin sprang the proposal on Shiny Chu from Los Angeles, after he contacted photographer Sarah Kate Murphy to help arrange the engagement at beautiful Gougane Barra.

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A MACROOM photographer literally ‘ambushed’ a couple to get the perfect picture – and they were thrilled with her efforts.

Photographer Sarah Kate Murphy was contacted months ago by an American who was looking for help to arrange his engagement at the picturesque Gougane Barra lake.

Phillip Johnson from Milwaukee, Wisconsin and his now wife-to-be Shiny Chu  from Los Angeles, met in 2019 while working in Dubai.

Philip chose Gougane Barra to propose, even though he had never visited before, but he had seen a painting of a boat on the lake there.

‘I thought it would make an amazing photo that we could hang in our house forever,’ he said.

The plan, Sarah Kate explained, was that the couple would go for an early morning boat ride on the lake, and he would pop the question.

‘I was hiding on my hands and knees in some bushes waiting for my cue which was when Philip handed his phone to Shiny to take a wide panoramic shot.

‘The idea was that by the time she panned back to him, he’d have the ring out,’ she said.

‘Once I got the cue I then ran down to the pier to get closer images – I knew she’d be too distracted by the ring to notice me. I could hear her squealing with delight from the shore, it was so cute!’ she said.

Philip added: ‘Sarah excitedly took on some challenging plans I had for a marriage proposal that involved quite a bit of timing as well as her hiding in a bush!’

He added: The communication from her end was spectacular. Oh, and the most important part, the photos were beautiful!’

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