TV presenter Julia Bradbury lauds Glengarriff walking routes

April 18th, 2022 4:10 PM

By Jackie Keogh

Glengarriff Nature Reserve given Julia Bradbury seal of approval.

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Glengarriff's natural trails has been given the Julia Bradbury seal of approval.

‘I was born in Dublin and I’d like to visit the Glengarriff Nature reserve in West Cork,’ the guide guru told the Express in an interview published today.

The presenter who is famous for her walking themed television programmes, selected a walk at Glengarriff Nature Reserve as a ‘must-do’ for future walks.

The presenter also explained how walking had kept her ‘sane’ as she dealt with cancer.

Although Julia Bradbury has covered many of the finest walks that the UK has to offer, she admitted there are many places she'd still like to visit, including the beautiful woodland in Glengarriff.

Expressing a love of woodland walks in general, the presenter said this particular nature reserve held a great attraction for her.

The 200 hectare woodland is home to the Sika deer, and the famous Kerry slug, and has some of the most beautiful marked trails of any nature reserve anywhere in the world.



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