The Southern Star most-read of 2018

December 31st, 2018 12:15 PM

By Southern Star Team

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What were you reading last year? Here are the top five stories on in 2018.

In a year dominated by severe weather warnings, high winds and beasts from the east, it's no surprise to see our most read stories featuring mother nature in prominent positions. That being said it was a story about a disco bus that topped our most read chart in 2018.

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1. Stop the disco buses ‘before a child chokes on their vomit’

Dr Chris Luke who works at the CUH and the Mercy Hospital Emergency departments spoke to our reporter Kieran O'Mahony about buses that drop teens to discos in West Cork. He spoke about the need to ban these 'disco buses' leaving the onus on parents to drop off, and collect, their teenagers. His opinion was formed when responding to the drunken chaos which ensued outside a disco in Bandon in February.

2. Worst of the icy weather is over but prepare for the thaw

Macroom (Pic: John Delea)

The so-called 'Beast from the East' brought the entire country to a standstill in early 2018 and West Cork was no different. Our liveblog ran online for several days providing West Cork residents with updates from around the region on driving conditions and much more. 

3. WARNING: Lion’s Mane jellyfish invade West Cork waters!

The ability to swim in the sea is an important part of many West Cork residents' lives, so when Bantry Bay had an early and unwelcome invasion of Lion's Mane jellyfish in July there was considerable concern. The jellyfish are considered dangerous and can give bad stings and people who are stung may suffer anaphylactic shock.

Lion's Mane jellyfish (Pic: Shuttershock)


The second weather-related story to make our top five, Storm Callum landed in mid-October and although it was less damaging than the 'Beast from the East' it was still a nuisance for anyone affected by the heavy wind and rain. 

5. Man fatally injured in Clonakilty road accident

Tragic events are never easy to report on and none more so than the death of an elderly male pedestrian in Clonakilty in January 2018. The man (73) was walking in the Fernhill area of the town on the evening of January 15 when he was knocked down by a car being driven by a female motorist.

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