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Tell me about . . . your perfect picnic

June 26th, 2022 11:40 AM

By Southern Star Team

Tell me about . . . your perfect picnic Image

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Former MasterChef Ireland winner Diana Dodog on what to pack in the basket

What’s in your perfect picnic basket?

I love eating outdoors, especially after a long walk on a sunny day. Rathbarry/Castlefreke loopwalk is one of our favourite spots to go.

We usually bring some good sourdough sandwiches, filled with sundried tomato pesto and leftover roast chicken, and a few energy bars, like our Magic Slice which is still as popular amongst our friends as it was in our food truck days!

Fruit, nuts and some grain salad with homegrown salad leaves, all washed down with  homemade lemonade.

Where would you have it?

My dream picnic would take place on a West Cork coastline, or one of the small islands, like Long Island (take the ferry from Schull) surrounded by friends.

Your top tip to elevate a simple picnic?

When we talk about picnics we think of sandwiches and crisps, but it can still be special. How about some amazing baked deliciousness from Wild Flour Bakery in Innishannon? Even if you buy the fabulous bread from Chris and make sandwiches for the walk, you are already winning.

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