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Tell me about . . . The Young Scientist competition

February 4th, 2023 8:00 PM

Tell me about . . . The Young Scientist competition Image

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The BT Young Scientist Exhibition has wrapped up for another year. Kinsale Community School teacher Shaun Holly has overseen many of its success stories and tells how he got involved nurturing the talent of our future scientists

Your name is synonymous with young scientist success but how did you get involved first day? 

I was employed by Sr Mary O’Donovan in 2010 and she said she would only give me the job if I promised to get involved in the BT Young Scientist Exhibition in Kinsale Community School. 

So really I’m just keeping my word. The school was already hugely successful in the exhibition, and it was a case of building on a strong foundation. 

We have grown participation in the event in the school and this is our great achievement as many students get to experience a wonderful event each year.

What’s your favourite thing about the competition? 

That it provides a platform for students to express themselves and develop their passion and interest through science. 

I’d encourage any parent to bring their children while they are at primary level to the RDS for the exhibition. The enthusiasm and energy of the students is infectious and the feel-good factor is all prevailing.  

What’s your advice to a student thinking of getting involved next year? 

Do plenty of research into the problem you are investigating and always carryout multiple trials when doing experimental work.

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