Rapist fails to show on ‘Tinder’ charges

October 24th, 2021 11:40 PM

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A BENCH warrant has been issued for the arrest of convicted rapist Ian Horgan who failed to turn up at Macroom District Court on Wednesday.

Horgan of 53 Byrne Avenue, Prospect, Limerick is contesting the alleged breach of the Sex Offenders Act by going on Tinder using the name ‘Cian’ on dates in May. It is claimed he failed to notify gardaí that he was using a name which had not been previously notified to them. At a court last month, Horgan gave gardaí written authorisation to allow them access any information that Tinder may have on him.

At Macroom Court on Wednesday, Det Sgt Derek Mulcahy of Bantry Garda Station said that Det Gda Jamie Meaney, who has a masters in computer forensics,  compiled a report on accessing Tinder, having reviewed the memo from the accused on how he set up his account. Contact was then made with the Match Group in the US, who own Tinder, and a paralegal from the company sent back a lengthy response. They told Det Sgt Mulcahy that they will assist gardaí but it may involve going through the US Department of Justice, which could take five to eight months. Judge McNulty said they better not get ‘distracted’ by the company’s reticence.

Meanwhile, the court heard that Mr Horgan breached his bail on three different occasions since the last court sitting. These included not being at home when gardaí called to his home on September 20th, while on another occasion he was 20 minutes late to sign at a garda station. Also, on October 7th, he contacted Macroom Garda Station to say that he was unable to sign on at the station as his girlfriend was having a medical emergency. Gardaí later checked and found that she was not in hospital but Judge McNulty said that her emergency may not have involved hospitalisation.

Judge McNulty said the minor technical breaches of bail could be overlooked, but not his non-appearance in court. He issued a bench warrant for his arrest.

Horgan was convicted in 2002 of the rape and manslaughter of 22-year-old beautician Rachel Kiely in a park in Ballincollig in 2000.

Ms Kiely had been out walking her dogs and failed to return home.

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