PODCAST: The Holocaust deniers on our doorstep

January 17th, 2023 8:57 AM

By Southern Star Team

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IN RECENT weeks we have seen some anti-aslyum seeker protests take place across the country, with far-right groups and beliefs seeming to take a more mainstream place in Irish culture.

On today’s podcast we’ll focus on how some beliefs associated with far-right thinking may be closer to home in West Cork than you would imagine, and have been for some time now.

The Southern Star's editor, Siobhán Cronin, joins us to speak about her visit to Auschwitz and a recent court case involving a human rights activist and the SSPX Resistance - a fringe religious group which broke away from mainstream Catholicism over its belief that the modern Church has become too liberal.

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This podcast was produced and presented by Dylan Mangan and Siobhán Cronin.

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