Letters to the Editor: Employers need to speed up recruitment process

July 18th, 2022 8:00 AM

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EDITOR – Many employers are now complaining about not being able to get staff, but when people apply for jobs they seem to take a very long time to get back, and then want an interview weeks down the line, when they do eventually get back.

Then, it’s weeks after that  again before they make any decision.

Many potential candidates pull out, and who could blame them?

Employers advertise and advertise and show their discourtesy and contempt by ignoring people or taking so long to come back it smacks of indifference.

Long, drawn-out, and very protracted recruitment processes seem to be the norm in this country. If employers are serious about employing people, they should get back immediately and there should only be one interview, rather than wasting people’s time with two, or more, in some cases.

And then only to leave people hanging as they wait even longer for a decision and have to be asked again and again whether the position has been filled yet.

Ireland has rightly earned the name ‘Ballygobackwards’.

Maurice Fitzgerald,


Co Cork.

High praise for TD Michael Collins

EDITOR – I would be grateful for the opportunity to let your readers know about my recent trip to Belfast with a family member on the bus for cataract treatment organised by Michael Collins Cork SW TD.

The man deserves the highest praise for the way every single detail was organised from start to finish.

We were met by Michael in Cork on Saturday morning at 5.30am, with all details of the trip, times of taxi from hotel to clinic and return to hotel Saturday evening, and again on Sunday morning, a taxi from hotel to clinic.

The bus was waiting at the clinic for the return trip Sunday evening. On arrival in Cork we were again met by Michael to greet us to make sure everything went to plan. I know I speak for everyone on that bus in saying Mr Collins deserves praise and thanks for that badly-needed help for these people.

Liam Barry,


Time to ban voluntary school contributions

EDITOR  – The question of school voluntary contributions has been a contentious matter for many years.

Now with more and more families suffering from cost of living increases I believe the matter needs to be addressed by government.
First, I should state that the government should make sufficient funds available to each school manager to avoid any shortfall in the schools’ financial needs.

Then, government should introduce legislation banning these so-called voluntary contributions which are seen by many as a form of harassment/intimidation/bullying. Politicians must face their responsibilities to the children of this country and their families.

Michael A Moriarty,

Treatment of Kinsale museum ‘a disgrace’

EDITOR – I am writing on behalf of the Kinsale History Society to thank Cllr Alan Coleman for his efforts to have the Kinsale Regional Museum re-opened and to promote the campaign of our society to have the Lusitania and Battle of Kinsale displays in the Museum corrected.

 It is a disgrace in a town which has such a rich history and heritage to have the museum closed for so long and so underfunded compared to Clonakilty.

The lack of a curator is also a disgrace and the Council never availed of the social employment-type schemes to supplement the work of the volunteers as is being done in Passage West and Youghal.

The building itself needs attention, especially the entrance lobby,  while the town clock has been out of order since last year.

We have written to the members and officials on the Bandon Kinsale District Council on a number of occasions without seeing any action but we hope they will join with Cllr Coleman to work to restore the Kinsale Museum to its rightful  position.

Dermot Ryan,


Kinsale History Society.

Puzzled over coverage of Wimbledon wins

EDITOR  – In contrast to the commotion after Ukraine’s Eurovision Song Contest success, has anyone noticed the lack of due recognition by the established media, on the great wins in Wimbledon by Elena Rybakina and Novak Djokovic?

Is it because both of their respective countries have a neutral stance on the Russian/Ukraine military conflict or perhaps for other reasons?

Joe Terry, 


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