Letters to the Editor: Dunmanway pool's gym is still closed to the public

June 27th, 2022 8:00 AM

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EDITOR –As some residents may be aware, the gym in Dunmanway, which is part of the swimming pool complex, has been closed for almost nine weeks.

It was designated as an emergency rest centre for Ukrainian refugees but has never been used as a rest centre. The gym and all the equipment has remained idle during this period.

We were told the longest the gym could be used as a rest centre was for 72 hours, yet it has never been occupied by any refugees which are now being accommodated in a local hotel.

I presume the Cork County Council knew the hotel would be available to accommodate refugees in advance, so why has the gym remained closed?

We were then told the hotel contracts would eventually be terminated, but no timeline has been given on this and so we’re expected to leave a perfectly good gym facility empty for an extended period of time without any proper explanation.

Whoever is responsible for this should have consulted the local community, but instead it was handled with a total lack of respect for the local community who pay for these facilities. It’s clearly not good enough, but will probably be ignored and left unresolved.

John Aiken,


High praise for farmers’ market parking help

EDITOR – May I please, through your letters page, extend a very big thank you to the car parking attendant at Skibbereen Market on Saturday 11th June?

I was accompanying a disabled friend and needed assistance getting him and his wheelchair out of the car, and finding a parking space wide enough to enable this.

This gentleman was so very kind and helpful to us, and went out of his way to make sure we could manage.

He made our day by going out of his way to help us manage unloading a wheelchair, a dog, parking and getting through between the stalls.

He also guarded our parking space, and generally marshalled traffic to help us.

However much he’s paid, it’s not enough.

I don’t know his name, but I would so very much like to thank him so much for his kindness.

Liana Guy,



‘Kiss’ principle for our government ministers

EDITOR – Over the past weeks and months many people have contacted newspapers and radio talk shows expressing dissatisfaction with the performance of our government.

Many feel that our ministers are in fact ‘out of touch’ with ‘real life’.

I wonder how many have actually contacted government ministers to express that?

I would urge people to communicate with ministers to express their dissatisfaction.

I also suggest such communication  be polite, respectful,  kept brief and to the point – following the ‘kiss’ principal (keep it short and simple).

Michael A Moriarty,



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