LETTER: Proud of hidden work done by the Council

February 25th, 2018 8:00 PM

By Southern Star Team

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SIR – I write to report on a very positive experience that our community should know about. 

SIR – I write to report on a very positive experience that our community should know about. 

On my way to work in Quebec, Canada, the week before last, I booked to go there via Boston so I could take the opportunity on the way back to visit the Maine International Trade Centre to advance a visit later in the year to Co Cork.

Cllr Alan Coleman brought it to my attention that Cork County Council were visiting Boston also on other business and could fit in a visit to Maine on the last day of their trip. After discussing this with the Council, it meant that I had to change my Norwegian flight to Providence by a few days. As a result, I attended the meetings that our Council had in Boston, where they built incredible relationships with the Boston-Irish Business Association and a formal arrangement with the City of Quincy. 

Whilst promoting the Norwegian flight and tourism too, they also secured formal participation in the Massachusetts Life-Science Sector for Irish start-up businesses. Accompanied by CIT, this work was magnificent.

Getting things done is about finding good people in politics and administrations. They exist at the top of Cork County Council and those individuals are no doubt reflective of others at every level of our Council. 

I am proud of this hidden work that Cork County Council do, of which I was not fully aware, and the manner in which the executive and councillors engaged and co-ordinated their approach in the US was very impressive.

I say well done Mayor Hurley, Cllr Coleman, all the councillors and the executive and staff of Cork County Council. Through their hard work and dedication, they are getting things done, and are thereby helping to make the world a better place – on both sides of the Atlantic!

Michael Kingston

Goleen & London.

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