Kinsale family distillery launches first Irish rum

March 28th, 2018 5:50 PM

By Kieran O'Mahony

Sam and Maudeline Black have been brewing and distilling in Kinsale since 2013. They are a 100% family-owned and run business.

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A Kinsale family-owned distillery has launched the country's first ever rum after years of dedicated research.

A KINSALE family-owned distillery has launched the country’s first ever rum after years of dedicated research.

Blacks Distillery, who also make an Irish Gin and a range of popular craft beers, announced the launch of their Blacks Spiced Irish Rum last week. While other rums are imported and repacked here, this is Ireland’s first ever Irish rum, which is made from the start from sugar cane molasses which is fermented, distilled and matured in oak barrels in Kinsale.

‘We are delighted to be launching Ireland’s first ever home distilled rum after several years of hard work since getting the distillery started in 2015. We hope Irish rum will become a new trend and help boost the international profile of the brand,’ said Blacks co-founder Sam Black, who runs the business with Maudeline Black.

‘We have been lucky to be at the forefront of both the rise of craft beer and craft gin over the past few years. And now we think it’s time for rum to have its time in the spotlight.’

Rum is a much harder spirit to master and it takes years of research, experimentations and then ageing in oak barrels to create a world class product like Blacks Spiced Irish Rum.

Not content with just producing rum, gin and craft beers, which include IPAs and a KPA (Kinsale Pale Ale), Blacks also have plans for a vodka and whiskey to add to their extensive product line.

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