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Holding State oral exams at Easter ‘wasn’t fair’

April 25th, 2024 6:41 AM

By Martin Claffey

Holding State oral exams at Easter ‘wasn’t fair’ Image

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A CALL has been made to revert to holding Leaving Certificate oral language exams during term time instead over the holiday period.

Leaving Certs students completed their oral exams during the Easter holidays and some students have had to sit exams in one language on Saturday with an immediate turnaround to a different language examination the following day.

West Cork FG Sen Tim Lombard said the system simply isn’t fair, pointing out it was instigated during the pandemic.

‘Minister Foley and the State Examinations Commission seem to be the only people in favour of continuing something which was an exceptional measure during Covid,’ he said.

‘I’ve had students, parents and teachers all raise this with me over the last few weeks. Every single person I spoke to wants to see a return to doing the oral exams during term time. You have to wonder who exactly is in favour of doing orals during the Easter holidays. It’s not teachers, it’s not parents and it’s definitely not students’.

He said there are many things wrong with the current scenario. ‘Some students have had to do their Irish oral on a Saturday and turn around and do their French oral the following day. That’s just not fair.’

Sen Lombard also pointed out that the exams are held during holidays and on weekends when school transport isn’t running. He said this was another worry and hassle for families who normally use school transport.

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