Global creative colony has been born locally

March 26th, 2016 11:50 AM

By Southern Star Team

From left: Sue Crellin-McCarthy and Tom McCarthy, co-founders of Baby Forest with Ann Davoren, director of the Uillinn West Cork Arts Centre

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Baby Forest is an online ‘creative colony’ that was born in West Cork and looks set to go global.


BABY Forest is an online ‘creative colony’ that was born in West Cork and looks set to go global.

Founded locally by Tom and Sue McCarthy with a collection of world class, international creators – such as artists and musicians, filmmakers and writers – Baby Forest allows them to showcase and sell their work globally. It also allows them to share, network and collaborate on an international level in order to extend their audience.

Speaking to The Southern Star, Tom McCarthy said: ‘We offer all this in a supportive and beautifully designed environment that is populated by well-placed, highly regarded professionals.’

Membership is carefully curated to maintain the highest standards and colonists come from all walks of creative life, such as photographers, architects, technologists, dramatists, environmental designers, and makers of every description.

There is a private side to the site that only creators inhabit. Their hub houses a unique collection of easy-to-use tools to manage every aspect of creative life online, as well as ‘drag and drop’ personal URL web space, bespoke e-commerce, networking and social media tools. 

The public can read features on creators, look at curated showcases, exhibitions, written pieces, performances and films. 

It is also a stunning online store full of beautiful, original artworks, music and books, and even offers the ability to source commissions. 

‘As a creative based in West Cork,’ Tom McCarthy, said, ‘I wanted to be able to promote and sell what I create internationally, collaborate with others in areas beyond my locality, and kick-start projects that are extended beyond my physical location. 

‘In Baby Forest, I am able to set up dialogues and practise with creators on the opposite side of the globe.  I have a network of high-level self-motivated creators, a multi-discipline, multi-talented, connected resource at my fingertips, and with whom I can bounce ideas off, or even swap skills or studios.  As a member of Baby Forest, everything is a possibility.’

In collaboration with Uillinn, West Cork Arts Centre, Baby Forest has announced an open call to invite all local creators to apply to join. 

The deadline for applications is Friday, April 1st. 

To apply to join the colony go to: And to see what it is all about go to:

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