Fancy rolling up to your own backyard pub?

July 15th, 2020 11:55 AM

By Southern Star Team

Add-ons to the SnugPub include such luxuries as oak roller shutters, waterproof heaters, wine racks, a fridge, comfy barstools, lights and shelves.

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By Martha Brennan

TWO Macroom men took matters into their own hands when lockdown began, creating a backyard pub building business when they couldn’t find someone else to do the job.

Like many, Donal Mulcahy sought to do something inventive with his outdoor space when the Covid-19 pandemic hit, but he couldn’t find a service in Ireland that would manufacture what he wanted: a small, simple, backyard bar. So, he approached local carpenter Billy Murphy and the ‘SnugPub’ was born.

‘The idea came during lockdown. Everyone is entertaining more at home and even when the pubs reopen, it won’t be the same,’ Donal said. ‘I was always considering getting one for myself but I couldn’t find anyone to do it. I found one or two places in England, but the quality wasn’t great and it just wasn’t doable. So I approached Billy and told him my idea.’

The idea took off and Snugpub are now building three or four backyard pubs for people daily. The duo left no stone unturned when planning and use only the finest, weather-treated timber for building. The standard model is 8x5ft, but customers can be creative and request add-ons such as oak roller shutters, waterproof heaters, wine racks, lights and shelves.

You can even order your barstools through the pair, as well as fridges and speakers, to complete the mini-pub, which can be ready in as little as two weeks after ordering.

While Billy handles the building side of the business, creating the structures in just under two hours, Donal handles the orders and advertising. According to Donal, an insurance broker in Macroom, the side-business can be a stressful add-on to the pair when large orders come through.

However, they have no complaints and are now travelling across the country to fulfill orders, over half of which have come from Dublin.

As for Donal’s own backyard pub, business is booming, and he’s even installed his own draft system. ‘I was the only pub open in lockdown!’ Donal says. ‘It all just goes to show that you can’t beat an Irish person’s thirst.’

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