Excrement move might mean jail for man with sights on Oz

March 16th, 2023 11:55 AM

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A YOUNG man who urinated in a garda cell and smeared his faeces on the cell door could be at risk of a custodial sentence, a district court judge has warned him.

Cameron Coone (19) of Maulrour West, Ballinascarthy pleaded guilty to numerous public order charges at Bandon District Court, after initially indicating that he was going to contest all charges relating to incidents that took place in Bandon in 2021 and 2022.

Insp Kay O’Donoghue told the court that the first incident occurred at St Finbarr’s Place on December 2nd 2021 when gardaí were trying to arrest a person.

‘The defendant became very abusive to gardaí and he attempted to pull two gardaí away. Gda Ellen Crowley had to push him away, while Mr Coone stuck his mobile phone in their faces,’ said Insp O’Donoghue.

‘Gda Crowley kept shouting “stay back” but he tried to interfere with the arrest and she pushed him away for her own safety.’

The second incident occurred just weeks later on December 23rd when Gda Darren Cahalane was on patrol in Bandon at around 9.30pm.

‘A report had come in of a group of mates fighting and arguing on the street. 

‘Gda Cahalane spoke to the defendant and there was a strong smell of drink on him and he was unsteady on his feet.

‘There was a large crowd there and he was getting involved in an altercation and starting fights. He failed to leave the area after being directed to do so by Gda Cahalane. He told gardaí to f** off. He was arrested for being drunk in a public place and using or engaging in threatening, abusive or insulting words or behaviour,’ said the inspector.

She added that he was placed in a patrol car and taken to Bandon Garda Station where he began spitting and kicking in the garda cell.

‘He urinated in the cell and excreted on the floor causing damage,’ she told the judge.

The most recent incident took place on August 7th last year when gardaí received a call about a group of males fighting by a chipper on Kilbrogan Hill.

‘Gda Tadgh Sammon saw the defendant fighting and then fleeing the scene. Gardaí followed him and he fell into a riverside dyke and he had to be pulled out by them. He was very drunk and became abusive to them and was arrested.’

The court heard the defendant, who was unrepresented in court, has no previous convictions, and is hoping to go to Australia.

Judge McNulty convicted and fined him €500 on the first incident on December 2nd 2021 and gave him 60 days to pay the fine. 

He also convicted and fined him €500 for the more serious of the public order charges on December 23rd, while taking into consideration the drunk in a public place charge. 

He also directed him to enter a peace bond for one year on the drunk in public place charge from August 7th last year and place himself under the supervision of the probation services during that period. 

He also convicted him of the more serious public order charge from the same date, but deferred penalty.

‘The event involving him urinating and excreting in a garda cell and smearing his faeces on the cell door is a serious matter which may attract a custodial sentence,’ said Judge McNulty.

However, he said he would not make that decision until he has a probation report on Mr Coone and he adjourned the matter until April 17th for the preparation of the report.

The judge also said that Mr Coone would need legal representation for the sentencing.

‘I want to hear anything good to persuade the court not to sentence you to prison,’ said Judge McNulty, who added that he wants a receipt for the fines totalling €1,000  in court on the next occasion.

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