Dr. Azad Khanaqa’s West Cork Food Intolerance Testing Centre

February 2nd, 2023 8:00 AM

Dr. Azad Khanaqa

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WHAT happens when we can no longer tolerate certain foods?

The body says “no thank you” in many different ways.

At the West Cork Food Intolerance Centre in Downeen, Rosscarbery, Dr Azad Khanaqa will pinpoint your intolerance to specific foods with a simple non-invasive test.

No blood test needed – a metal rod is placed in your palm and from this the computer readings are connected with intolerance levels.

The first reading is for a functional diagnosis of the main organs such as the heart, lungs, liver, bladder etc.

The full cost of the organ test and the intolerance test is €65 minutes for a one-off consultation of approx. 45 mins.

Dr Khanaqa is multi-qualified with two Masters Degrees and a Doctor of Science in Micro Biology and Medicinal Plants from the University of Gottingen – Albert Einstein’s alma mater!

He also taught science subjects and conducted research in Hanover University where he was a Professor.

With his vast knowledge and expertise in medicinal plants Dr. Khanaqa creates medicinal oils which can also assist with clients’ intolerance.

These are optional at a cost and a separate and additional facet to the food intolerance test.For instance if the lung function issues are picked up during the reading he can create a unique oil to aid respiratory issues using a particular mix of specific oils.

Throughout his years of food testing he finds that although everyone is unique there are 5 main problem ‘areas’ .....alcohol, red meat, gluten, nicotine and dairy.

Intolerances build up over time – this is why some foods might not affect people when younger but cause inflammatory responses as a person matures.

Food intolerance results can be surprising and avoid-ing certain foods can have a hugely positive effect on a person’s health as many of Dr Khanaqa’s clients have discovered.


A friend of Fiona's recommended Dr. Khanaqa’s food intolerance testing service – now Fiona recommends him to all of her friends.

Even her son-in-law followed the path to Rosscarbery on her insistence!

She says: 'He suits all ages, is very friendly and helpful. He took the time to talk about the why which makes an awful difference.'

Pork and fish were Fiona’s particular intolerance issues and once avoided, she has a better quality of life.

When Sharon visited the West Cork Food Intolerance Centre she did not divulge her coeliac diagnosis. She was sceptical of the process but wanted to try it as although she followed a gluten-free diet her intolerance symptoms had not disappeared.

Dr. Khanaqa however, Columbo-like, uncovered her coeliac subterfuge quickly and discovered other insensitivities also.

One of these included chilli, something which Sharon loved but it obviously was something that she shouldn’t be taking.

Sharon came to Dr Khanaqa as a sceptic but says she is now: '100% fully on board. I would certainly recommend the food intolerance test, it’s very good value and you will definitely come out with something. It’s worth a try, give it a go, I was delighted that I went.'

 Dr. Azad Khanaqa | West Cork Food Intolerance Testing Centre | Downeen, Rosscarbery

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