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Coast Guard assisting UK-vessel off Mizen Head

June 1st, 2022 12:11 PM

By Jackie Keogh

Coast Guard assisting UK-vessel off Mizen Head Image
The Coast Guard has been tasked with assisting the UK-registered fishing vessel. (Photo: Andy Gibson)

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Valentia Coast Guard is coordinating assistance to a UK-registered fishing vessel that got into difficulty this morning approximately 60 miles south west of the Mizen Head.

The vessel, which has a crew of eleven Spanish fishermen on board, raised the alarm at about 9.15am after it started taking on water and lost propulsion.

The Shannon based Coast Guard Helicopter  R115 is on scene and R116 is on standby at Cork Airport. The naval ship Le Samuel Beckett and an Air Corps CASA aircraft are also involved in assisting the stricken vessel.

A spokesperson for Valentia Coast Guard said the weather conditions at the scene are ‘favourable’ and that another fishing boat is in the location and willing to offer assistance.



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