Baltimore visitors success is fuelled by Chinas growth

May 13th, 2015 10:05 PM

By Southern Star Team

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A businessman with a 30-year association with West Cork is making in-roads into China.


A BUSINESSMAN with a 30-year association with West Cork is making in-roads into China.

Drew McDowell’s company, Dipetane International, is a well-known brand in motoring circles, which reduces emissions and boosts fuel consumption.

Drew, who is a familiar face in Baltimore, Schull and Crookhaven, owing to a life-long passion for sailing, was in Cork recently to give a talk at the Silversprings Hotel about his fuel treatment product.

He described Dipetane as ‘a unique product, a pre-combustion fuel treatment that helps to burn all the expensive carbon in your fuel.’

Drew claims it can give you a 10% saving on fuel usage, and it can reduce smoke by about 40%. ‘This is a major advantage in helping motors to pass NCT and MOT emission tests – a welcome development given that a recent EU directive has ordered the reduction of the sulphur content in our fuel by 90%,’ said Drew.

‘It is the sulphur content in fuel that causes a lot of problems with injectors, valves, pumps and exhausts, but Dipetane compensates for the sulphur reduction,’ he explained. Dipetane, which is manufactured in Wicklow, and is 100% hydrocarbon, is effective in keeping air intake clean. It is not a fuel additive. In fact, there is nothing in Dipetane that is not already in your fuel, so it does not change the spec of your fuel.

The non-toxic and non-hazardous Dipetane is selling well globally, but it is of particular interest in China, a country that has the largest carbon footprint in the world.

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