West Cork is seen through German eyes

February 22nd, 2020 1:02 PM

By Jackie Keogh

Marion von Oppeln and Lars Bessel will be documenting their ‘winter in Ireland.’

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GERMANY’S love affair with Ireland continues through the online musings of a married couple who have adopted the Sheep’s Head as their ‘home.’

On New Year’s Day, Marion von Oppeln and husband Lars relocated here and since then have been merrily documenting ‘winter in Ireland.’

Winter might actually be something of a misnomer because the couple plan to continue their adventure right up to St Patrick’s Day.

German audiences can’t seem to get enough of the coastline, not to mention the plotlines. And Marion and Lars are doing their bit to sell this slice of life to the people back home.

The slogan ‘See Ireland through German eyes’ has been plastered on the side of their car so it’s not like they wish to be incognito.

In fact, they are journeying out – from the home office on the Sheep’s Head Peninsula – on a regular basis so our readers might see them on their travels around the county.

Marion told The Southern Star: ‘We are visual storytellers: we do films and sketches, but we also do photos as well as text – even a little poetry here and there.’

Marion, a freelance illustrator and graphic designer, said their adventure is also an experiment to see if they can use a digitalised workplace in a united Europe. They hope to do more work here.


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