Stay safe while swimming

August 14th, 2021 7:05 AM

By Southern Star Team

Always put safety first when it comes to open water swimming.

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With the Olympics in full flow and swimming high on the agenda I think it’s time to give it a go.

Sometimes before getting into the open water, you can over think things and you begin to play mind games with yourself.

It’s only natural that if you have a fear of open water and going out of your depth that you will start to come up with excuses.

Not being able to breathe correctly is the main reason that people struggle to swim efficiently. It’s the part that takes longer to master if you’re doing the front crawl. The only advice I can give on the breathing aspect of this technique is keep practising it.

It will come eventually. Saying that – why not just ease yourself in and start slow. Paddle around while not going to far from the shore. When you’ve advanced yourself in then gently tread water along by the shore. After a while you will get braver and head out farther.

By no means should you attempt this if you’re not a strong swimmer and not comfortable in the water. Don’t be foolish! Water safety always comes first.

It’s incredible to see all the blue flag beaches in West Cork all managed by highly trained lifeguards. Staying safe while in the water is their No 1 goal and just recently while paddle boarding around the island in Tragumna I witnessed a lifeguard swim out to a person who was floating around on an inflatable. These are not permitted on some blue flagged beaches and it was great to see the lifeguard doing his job so politely.

So if you do decide to go for a swim, whether it’s in a wetsuit doing the front crawl, or in your speedo togs doing the breaststroke, then always put safety first.

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