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Surprised by Dunmanway Discussion Group’s stance

March 10th, 2024 6:40 PM

Surprised by Dunmanway Discussion Group’s stance Image

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EDITOR – Having read that the Dunmanway Discussion Group has asked the Government to recognise the Bandon Valley murders of April 1922 as ‘sectarian acts’ I am wondering has the group been contaminated by outside untruthful influences?

I am also surprised by the group taking the above action, particularly as a number of esteemed historians like Dr Andy Bielenberg, Dr John Borgonovo, Dr Ian dAlton, and Dr Ida Milne have all stated in a letter to The Irish Times that ‘it is incorrect and unhelpful to reduce the reason for the killings to a single motive of sectarianism’.

They also asked in their letter – How could the Government verify beyond any reasonable doubt that this was indeed the case?

Liam Burke, Dunmore, Co Kilkenny.

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