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Macra says this is the month to get to ‘know your neighbour’

August 20th, 2021 8:00 PM

Getting to the heart of it: John Keane.

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Know Your Neighbour Month aims to bring neighbours together to get to know each other informally. 

Those living in isolated parts of the country with limited access to services rely on their closest neighbours for support, security and friendship. The last 18 months have been particularly isolating for many and an initiative like Know Your Neighbour is a way to help individuals connect in a safe way that is compliant with prevailing public health advice.

This year’s theme is Cuppa by the Kerb, that has been generously sponsored by Compass Group. 

Macra is offering clubs Cuppa by the Kerb packs containing teabags, biscuits and connection cards and asking members to distribute these cards and tokens of kindness to neighbours in their local areas. 

Community development is one of the key areas of activity for Macra na Feirme members. By distributing these cards and gestures in their local areas they are letting their neighbours know that a Macra club is in their area and what Macra is all about. 

It also gives them the opportunity to invite their neighbours to safe events to get to know each other better such as a socially distant Cuppa by the Kerb or a walk in their local area. It spreads the word within the community that there is a club in the area if they are ever in need.

‘Events like this get to the heart of Macra na Feirme,’ said Macra national president John Keane. ‘We are delighted to be able to offer our clubs the Cuppa by the Kerb packs thanks to the generous support from Compass Group. With the pandemic restricting how we interact with each other, this offers the opportunity to get to know our neighbours in a safe way.’

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